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I still remember the moment when I knew that things had to change. My life was unrecognisable. Before, I was in a high flying corporate job that I loved, managing a team of 47 people, exercising every day, travelling a lot, basically burning the candle at both ends. Life was at an all time high and I was loving it.

Fast forward to the moment where I "decided," here I was, my partner, now husband, brushing my hair, because I didn’t have the strength. I caught a virus a few years before this moment. I had spent days, weeks and months in bed and on the sofa. I even had to get a wheelchair to get around the house. Life was a container of four walls, with a visit to the doctor every 12 weeks, the effort of that left me flattened for a few weeks. It was indescribably awful. But simply put, the best thing that ever happened to me.


It forced me to stop. It forced me to get out of the rat race. It forced me to realise that I had one life. Was I doing what I was put on earth to do? Was I living life on my terms? Did I have my own family? Was I building my own empire instead of someone else's? No, no and no. The biggest worry of all was if I would ever be well enough to have a family.

I did try to return to my old life when I recovered. But I had changed. After a few months I realised that it wasn’t going to work. It was taking too much out of me, travelling was exhausting. I remember sitting in a meeting one day and they spent two hours talking about a checklist. I remember just staring, saying to myself, wow. Is this honestly important? Two hours. On a checklist. I knew from what I had been through the previous four years that there was lots more to life. I knew I had to help others, do something that actually mattered.

So I quit. I’ve never quit anything before in my life. Ever. But I knew I was meant to live life on my terms.

So, I set about setting up my coaching business and step by step, brick by brick, I got it up and running.

I learned a lot. I failed hard and fast. I went through a painful amount of trial and error.

But with a big big vision, I grew my business month on month and then scaled to online courses, which Champion Expert Coaches and Consultants to move from Overwhelmed Expert, to CEO on F.I.R.E

Now, having an automated, scalable business is a dream. I literally don’t work. When you are doing what you were born to do, it isn’t work. The day I was featured in Forbes was a pinch me moment. Looking back, wow.

I adore my clients. I love watching their breakthroughs, their big wins. It is pretty special.

Most of all, I love being Mammy to baby Jack. We finally had our baby. I am there every single moment of every single day with him. Life on my terms, just like I designed it.

I don’t ever have to go back to work.

Because I made a choice

I chose to live a life of Freedom, Impact, Revenue & Empowerment. A life of F.IR.E

Now I champion Experts just like you to do the same with The Expert Accelerator Effect - Three Pillars to your life of F.I.R.E

What are those three pillars? 

Roadmap Alignment

Tactical Tenacity

Power Performance

The Expert Accelerator Effect ~

Championing Expert Coaches and Consultants bring their brilliance to many through online courses, so they can move from Overwhelmed Expert, to CEO on F.I.R.E.

Aishleen C.

Mindset Coach

"Maeve has been the answer I was searching for - I was struggling for over a year - throwing mud to see what would stick. I had worked with several business coaches, but none had a formula that I could follow step by step. I am finally where I always wanted to be."

Laura R.

Mindset Coach

"I literally have every single thing that I need. The strategy, the tactics, the mindset. The community. And the coaching calls with Maeve are worth the investment on their own!"

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